Every product from SKINRx LAB contains MadeCera.

Make the damaged skin returned, and a skin barrier strong.

Maximizes the synergy of madecassoside and ceramide so as to improve the skin damaged by eternal stimulation, to enhance a skin barrier fundamentally, and make the skin healthy.


Centella asiatica known well as an ingredient effective in improving damaged skin is also called โ€˜Tiger herbโ€™, since a tiger rolls over the herb to heal its wound. Centella asiatica extract is TECA ingredient of Bayer Health Care famous for MadeOOโ€™, a wound treatment ointment. The ingredient that protects your skin against a variety of external stimulation and improves your damaged skin faster and safely is used for MadeCera Cream.


Although there are cosmetic products containing ceramide, MadeCera Cream is far different from such products. MadeCera Cream uses natural-fermented ceramide, rather than synthetic ceramide which is inexpensive and low skin absorption, so as to increase skin affinity, and applies Pre-Lipid technology for safe and effective delivery to your skin.

How it works


Vicious circle of skin damage, skin barrier weakening, and skin dry caused by a variety of external stimulation


To enhance a skin barrier to prevent skin damage from external stimulation and to keep your skin healthy


Make the damaged skin returned, and a skin barrier strong

Around the world

MadeCera Cream, the flagship product of SKINRx Lab launched in 2015, is becoming more and more recognized as a global skincare product surpassing 1.5M cumulative sales worldwide.